Exterior Painting

 Investing in a quality paint job can mean the difference between painting every few years compared to one that will far out last an inferior one. 

Spade Roofing and Exteriors follows the following points to give you a quality paint job:

Step 1 - Power Wash

All surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly pressure washed and cleaned. This allows the new paint to adhere properly to existing surfaces and removes dirt and grease.

Step 2 - Protect Property

Drop clothes will be used to cover shrubs, landscaping, furniture, etc. to protect all areas around your home. Windows, brick, and light fixtures will be masked off to prevent paint from damaging these areas.

Step 3 -Scraping & Caulking

Loose paint and caulking will be scrapped and removed. Open gaps will be filled with new caulking to prevent rain water from penetrating below the surface. Loose nail holes will be re-set and putty applied as necessary. Loose and/or missing window glazing will be replaced.

Step 4 - Priming

Primer will be applied to all bare wood and metal to assure proper adhesion of new paint. This step helps prevent further peeling.

Step 5 - Application

Application will consist of quality materials and will either be sprayed, brushed or rolled and/or a combination according to what's best for your situation.

Step 6 - Protocol

Work areas are to be kept clean and the job will be conducted by professionals who are friendly, polite and work efficiently. 

When the job is complete, touch-up paint will be labeled for one final paint job.